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Updated on Dec 8, 2009

“The objective of this forum is to provide a place for individuals experiencing mental illness to share personal experiences and thoughts on their personal recovery journeys. The Your Recovery Journey program is designed on a peer-support model because support from peers and sharing experiences can transform lives. Hearing from and sharing with others who have experienced similar struggles, is an important factor in recovery. You are invited to share your experiences and thoughts here”.

Thank you
Your Recovery Journey Team

November 6, 2013 "The Your Recovery Journey Program enriching lives in Parksville" Colleen Garton

“The Your Recovery Journey program has run twice in our small city over the last year and is being offered again later this month. The program is excellent. The sessions are a mix of Power point slides, question and answer and video clips. There are so many options along the way to dive deeper into information and we have invited guest professionals speak about medications and legal issues.

I am a peer support worker and help to facilitate Your Recovery Journey. The program has helped me build a stronger recovery plan and connect others to resources in our community.

One particular resource that stands out is the WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan. This fantastic plan was developed in the United States, and was written by Mary Ellen Copeland. We provide participants of the Recovery Journey with the opportunity to complete their own WRAP to take home. We offer soft cover duo-tangs with loose leaf paper and clearly marked sections. This is what is covered:

1. Wellness Toolbox; 2. Daily Maintenance; 3. Triggers; 4. Early Warning Signs; 5. When things are breaking down; 6. Crisis Plan; 7. Signs that it is time for someone to step in and make some decisions for me; 8. Should crisis occur, what to do after?

This plan is helpful and encourages personal insight for each participant. When we offer the program again, we will encourage our participants to join this forum and share their thoughts on their own recovery journey.

Thank you, Schizophrenia Society of Canada, for this great resource and providing those with various mental illnesses the Your Recovery Journey Program.”.

Colleen Garton
Parksville, BC