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Group Process Guidelines for leading Groups and Classes
by LeRoy Spaniol, Sue McNamara, Cheryl Gagne and Rick Forbes
Peer leaders may use this resource to improve their skills in leading groups.


What is on this site?

This website contains the core materials for the program that accompany each session. The program materials are designed to be easily adapted to differing groups and formats.

Download Printed Materials (PDFs & Word documents)


• Facilitator Guide (PDF)


Word Documents
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• Registration Form
• Material Order Form
• Poster
• Certificate
• Participant Feedback Questionnaire
• Confidentiality Agreement
• Facilitator Report


• Participant Workbook

Download (PowerPoint Presentations)
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• Session 1 - What is Recovery?
• Session 2 - Quality of Life
• Session 3 - Self Management
• Session 4 - Medication as a Tool for Recovery
• Session 5 -Moving Forward: Personal Action Planning


Each session has a brief accompanying video presentation. In the videos, people living with mental illness, family members, and service providers address different issues discussed in the sessions. Facilitators can watch the videos in advance, then plan how to use them during the session. For example, a video might be used as a way to initiate discussion or to end a session. Facilitators can also choose not to use all the video presentations below.

• What is Recovery?
• Quality of Life
• Self Management
• Medication as a Tool for Recovery
• Moving Forward: Personal Action Planning